June 7, 2022


Chicago Gold Gallery is a jewelry buyer that Chicago trusts. The business has been buying gold, diamonds, jewelry and valuable pieces since 1980 and gained a reputation as an honest broker of antique and modern pieces alike. There is more value in many jewelry pieces than the current market value of the precious stone or minerals included in the piece. Like ancient coins, each piece has a value established through current trends in the market through sales and auctions of pieces from the same jewelry maker.

When selling jewelry, it is crucial that you receive the full value of your pieces. Jewelry from the Middle Ages or beyond carries a value that translates well beyond that of its weight in gold. The experienced jewelry buyers at Chicago Gold Gallery begin their estimate of the value of your piece by weighing the mineral and judging the quality of stones which establishes the base value of your jewelry. Then, they start adding value through the expertise of the artist who created your jewelry. At times, these artists are recent, in which case the value is determined by the current sales price minus the difference in resale costs.

Old jewelry has a value far beyond that of current trends. There are many ancient artists whose names lend value to the jewelry they produced. These are the pieces that require significant research to determine a price. Chicago Gold Gallery will not purchase your old jewelry without a thorough search of the market so that you get a quantifiable quote.

Bring your old jewelry to Chicago Gold Gallery for an offer that you can trust. If you cannot make it to the store at 1236 W. Devon Avenue in Chicago, then visit their website and fill out the forms to communicate with the jewelry buyers that Chicago trusts. Follow us on google+.