June 22, 2023

byAlma Abell

Typically, rolling steel doors are used for businesses that need to keep their items secure and out of sight. These doors are also perfect for businesses that have large openings. For example, a warehouse that has a doorway large enough for trucks, machinery, or forklifts might choose to have a steel door instead of a door that swings or slides open. A swinging door will take up a lot of space either inside or outside of the building whenever it is open. A door that slides open will occupy a lot of wall space beside the door whenever it is open. To combat that issue, a rolling door will not take up much room.


How They Work

Rolling steel doors in Marysville, WA are made of segments of steel that are connected with hinges. That means they can roll up like curtains. They are attached above the door frame to a cartridge that contains a wheel and a motor. When the door is opened, the motor turns the wheel. That in turn rolls the door up into the cartridge to keep it out of the way. The door rolls up to be no bigger than the cartridge above the door.

When the door is opened, the motor runs in reverse to allow the door to descend. You can also choose a door if you visit overheaddoorofeverett.com that is not motorized. These doors are best suited for smaller doors made of lightweight steel.


Rolling steel doors can help keep you safe because they can be made of steel panels that fit together and form a solid facade when open. Also, the doors typically have eyes at the bottom for attaching locks. You’ll need to attach a lock to the ground or the floor. Then, you can bolt the door shut. Also, steel is fireproof and tamper-resistant; your items will surely be safe with a quality door.