July 25, 2022

By Gavin Bloom

Standard life insurance is the title given to most life insurance policies that are issued with standard rates. Health status along with credit are two factors that determine whether an insured is a standard risk or a sub-standard risk for life insurance. Some life insurance companies will issue policies on people with health problems but will give them a higher table rate than the standard rate. There are companies that exist just for the purpose of insuring the non-standard risk. The premiums are much higher because of the risk.


The majority of the life insurance companies are standard life insurance companies that use the table rating method for adverse risks. When you apply for life insurance your application is sent to an underwriter. The underwriter examines all of the details on the application. It is the underwriters job to determine the risk factor and table rate for each applicant. There are several resources available to underwriters about your medical history. One such resource is called the medical insurance bureau. This is an organization that provides medical information to life insurance companies. The MIB will not always have your medical details but the bureau will be able to provide dates and times along with the nature of an illness and injury. Disclosing accurate medical history on you application is critical. Do not omit health history because that is a red flag to an underwriter and may cause your application to be rejected.

It is best to purchase as much life insurance as possible at the youngest possible age. The rates are low and most of the time you will receive standard life insurance rates. Most of the companies online offer standard life insurance rates. Some companies have preferred rates that are even lower than the standard. Standard Life Insurance Companies are common. Most companies will take a trial application on special risk applicants. This is an excellent way to see if you qualify for standard life insurance. You are not obligated to put any money down on a trail application until you are accepted by the insurance company.

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