March 10, 2021

Projection lying: education projector interactive applications set off a new revolution – education



Education Of the application has been Projector Application of the most important direction. Statistics show that the education market projectors in the domestic market account for more than Bacheng the early popularity of the market share. Currently, its contribution is still occupying the projector market the domestic market as a whole Sichengyishang.


Projector product applications as the main battlefield, education projector market is not only large but also has the standard is high. Among primary and secondary market and general cost of different products, markets and higher education throughout the school focus on the domestic market is also a high-end projector and low brightness projectors important consumption market. Large, high prices, to the characteristics of quality first, the decision of the higher education market has always been a giant of traditional projector manufacturers compete for positions. However, the application of the education market in recent years with the gradual saturation of growth, its market growth rate has declined significantly in the trend. Basic access to higher education already saturated market of, vocational education market started slow, general education needs of the market are mainly high quality products?? Education projection products in the application bottlenecks in the domestic market has began to emerge, and become a common concern many projector manufacturers problems. With the big market is gradually cooling different, with the interactive application based projector product, but in recent years the field of education was very rapid development. Whiteboard Products, comes with White Board Features projectors, video booth and other products for the traditional physical education projector “added a” brand new take off the wings. It is expected that future growth in this market will reach more than a year Jinsan Cheng, is the education market growth rate projection of three to five times. Do have to do interactive educational market products have become embedded in the education sector in recent years to channel the most “make money” with their parents. In our class links courses conducted throughout the project, general education market and even has the Electronic Whiteboard and projector treated as a number of classrooms to be equipped with new features. Application whiteboard education market boom are the growth rate is not only a new e-classroom, some schools have started the original fully interactive electronic classroom Reconstruction Project. Education market enthusiasm for the interactive projection system reflects the profound traditional projector deficiencies in teaching applications. Head of a university purchasing department, said the author, the traditional projector products at the core of the electronic classroom can be achieved though sound, images, video and other multimedia media applications, but in the application process can not form the content of teaching, teacher’s attention and student attention to the unity: the future operation of projection display of the content and sound, the teacher’s attention had focused on the classroom computer controlled stage. This situation also led to some teachers reluctant to use university e-classroom equipment, curriculum has become another part of a simple slide show of the situation. Projector put their PPT, classroom control their own computers, students desks on the phenomenon of sleep in college applications, e-classroom is not unusual. Insiders pointed out that, in this teaching process, the multimedia teaching equipment in the communication between teachers and students the role of not only higher than the original “write writing on the blackboard” enhance rather than weaken. Improve the efficiency of their teaching, classroom capacity effect is obvious, but in a sense, reduces the quality of classroom teaching. The interactive whiteboard and the emergence of interactive projector, video booth just to change a large number of applications mentioned above, embarrassing a situation of “high-tech weapons.” The biggest advantage of interactive technology is once again let teachers “back to the ‘blackboard’ in front,” replied the traditional teaching of teachers and students in the “Blackboard” content on the direct communication between the modern quality of teaching multiplier effect. Industry experts expect the projector with the application of interactive technology to mature, education, business and other fields will appear very much in the market. This technique not only inherits the effect of product characteristics of the original projection, but also through improved human-machine system to complete the multimedia device combines the human transformation of the effectiveness of multimedia teaching equipment greatly increased. In the future, not only the new interactive multi-media classroom projector applications will become the main battlefield of the original multi-media classrooms and interactive projection display system of transformation for the whiteboard, and other industries will also create tremendous business opportunities.

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Projection lying: education projector interactive applications set off a new revolution – education