November 19, 2023

By Trevor Richards

One of the most irritating things you can have is a fly or insect buzzing around your head. It can be a nightmare trying to keep them out of your house because every time you open the door or the window, these bugs can get in. In some of the hotter parts of the world it can make the summer months unbearable if you can’t open your windows and let fresh air in.

On top of this, many insects aren’t just annoying, but can also carry diseases which they can communicate to humans. Therefore, you you want to keep the bugs out of your house you are going to need to install insect screens to keep them out.

There’s a wide variety of insect screens available to solve this problem, which can fit almost any budget, plus there is a thriving second hand market for these fly screens. Typically they are made from metal, fiber glass or plastics and are put over windows and doors to prevent flies and other insects from entering the house. As a secondary benefit they prevent leaves, dust and other debris from being blown in your house by the wind. These mesh screens help you to enjoy good ventilation whilst keeping the bugs on the outside.

Installing the screens can be done by yourself or you can hire companies or contractors to do it for you. Using the Internet or the Yellow Pages you can very easily find someone who will not only source the mesh screens but also install them for you. Of course, this is going to cost more for you than if you do it yourself.

For some people, the extra cost to reduce their workload is a good thing, but not everyone would agree. Some people like to install their own mesh screens either because they are on a budget or because they enjoy home improvement work.

If you are installing them yourself you will need to count the number of doors and windows that require screens and then measure each one. Depending on whether your insect screen fits over the window or inside the frame will depend upon which measurement you take – but make sure you get the right one or you’ll have a problem when it comes to fitting your screen.

If you are a keen home improvement person then you could even make the screens, but many people will buy them pre-made. You’ll have to find a supplier and contact them for a quote based on your numbers and measurements. Remember to get a number of different quotes from different suppliers and remember also to ensure they are quoting like for like.

You may get a cheaper quote and think you are getting a good deal when in fact you are getting lower quality materials and build standard.

Once you’ve ordered your insect screens it’s a case of putting them in to place and fixing them firmly to your walls. You need to ensure that they are not going to be blown away or fall out.

With your new insect screens you’ll be able to enjoy having your windows open without being bothered by bugs and other pests flying in.

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