February 26, 2021

By Adrianna Notton

One of the important aspects of wearing contact lenses is choosing a good contact lens solution. Sometimes, your eye doctor may offer suggestion as to which solutions may work the best, but if that doesn’t happen you may be left to decide for yourself. Some contact lens wearers probably downplay the importance of the contact solution, but it can affect the entire contact lens process. It’s wise to keep several different variables in mind when you go searching for a contact lens solution.

A contact lens solution’s ability to disinfect and keep the contact lenses clean is the most important consideration. If your contact lenses are properly and thoroughly disinfected, you will have less eye irritation and fewer incidences of infection. Your eye doctor, optician or possibly even a pharmacist may be able to offer you advice on which solutions do the best job at cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses. You can also ask around to other contact lens wearers you know to gather some feedback on their experiences. It’s also important to follow the cleaning procedure closely, so debris doesn’t inadvertently find its way onto the inside of your contact lens and into your eyes.


Price is always a factor for contact lens patients, as a finding a solution that’s even a few dollars less may result in big savings over time. The only problem with searching for contact lens solution based on price is that you’re likely to sacrifice quality in the process. That’s not to say everyone who wears contact lenses should opt for the priciest solution, but it’s a good idea not to grab for the cheapest just to save a few bucks. Look for a contact lens solution that fits your budget but will still offer everything you need in the way of cleaning and disinfection. You’ll also want a contact lens solution that is easy to use. Ease of use will help to ensure that you use the solution properly each day, and your contacts stay clean all the time. Some solutions require rubbing and rinsing, while others only need the rinsing part. Read the directions carefully and choose the solution that you feel will enable you to use it consistently as directed.

Obviously, one of the main priorities when wearing contacts is comfort. If contact lenses aren’t comfortable, they aren’t likely to be worn with any regularity, which defeats the whole purpose of having contacts. Finding a contact lens solution that promotes comfort may take a little trial and error, but it is worth when you find one that makes your contacts even more comfortable.

A solution that keeps the contact lens clean and well lubricated during the day means they will be easier and more comfortable to wear. The solution contains buffers that affect the pH and other elements that help contribute to comfort. Many people stop wearing contacts due to comfort issues, so any help you can get in this area is worth the effort.

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