July 18, 2022

Swimming Pool, mentioning this itself brings a smile and relaxed feel to everyone. However, this cannot be enjoyed always owing to change of season. Especially, during winters it is unimaginable, but do you need to sacrifice this beautiful pleasure merely for a season. No, of course not, now there are various kinds of pool heat pumps coming in variable speed, single and dual and accomplish all the tasks such as circulating your water and heating it such that you can have a comfortable swim.

The single speed pool pumps are limited to operating and consume more energy, besides being inexpensive. Dual speed pool pumps operate at high and low speed. However for pool high speed is employed so that the power helps a pool cleaner and the low speed is employed for regular water circulation. By running low speed, these pumps save energy and also the money is saved on expenses such as energy. Variable speed pumps are efficient and they run at various speeds based on the task. Utilizing the least speed, a variable pump saves up to 58% on energy expenses.

Pool heat pumps are great ways to increase the pool water temperature in the fall or spring season. It allows extended swimming season and is also a wonderful way of maintaining swimming pool throughout the season. Heat pumps running on electricity and transfer the heat from ambient temperature and thereby averts running or buying expensive fuels like propane or oil each time you need to heat your pool. These heat pumps are the most important part for any swimming pool system.


Knowing the work of heat pumps of a pool is essential. These pumps use refrigerant technology of capturing all the heat in the outside air and transferring it into the pool water. The ability to absorb as well as transfer heat energy is the process of a refrigerant and this is used in the pool. There are valid reasons to buy a heat pump for your pool:

• Costs less running charge as the pumps transfer energy into heat instead of employing fuels to create energy. This saves a lot of money and operating cost nearly 2 to 5 times less.

• The heat pumps are easy in operating and are the safest as it averts the need of refilling fuel tanks. Moreover heat pumps operate without flammable gases making it the safest. Moreover, they require less maintenance and last longer. They are also safe environmentally.

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