July 15, 2023

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Without a hesitation, shaving without irriating the skin is one of the desires of men with delicate skin. There are lots of shaving methods and tips for men who have sensitive skin, but all the tips in the world won’t make a difference if the shaver is part of the problem. What men should do is to buy an efficient electric shaver which will minimize skin irritation.

Shaving Tips

For men with vulnerable to skin irritation, the initial recommendation is to always shave either in the shower or immediately afterwards. Shaving while inside a shower will open the skin pores and let the shaver run easily over the skin. In addition, men with sensitive skin are also told to use shaving gel or creme that is hypo-allergenic, irritant-free, and alcohol and fragrance free to minimize the irritation of the shaver as well.


Another thing men may do is to apply a very light touch when shaving while using the sharpest blades possible. Also, rinse the shaver often in order to be sure that the whole surface area is working. Most suggestions also claim that the angle of the blades should not be too steep but allow some edge to the cutting surface.

The Electric Shavers

When buying an electric shaver for skin that is sensitive, you must consider the techniques that help reduce irritation during shaving. There are numerous razors which are better for men facing this problem. To help you decide which electric shaver you will use, below is the list detailed for you. Other than that, it is also recommended to read electric shaver ratings and reviews. Men with sensitive skin will give additional insight from their usage of the top electric shavers.

The Panasonic ES-LA93-K is particularly designed to be used in both wet and dry places that makes it perfect form men who prefer to shave in shower as well as for those with sensitive skin. It also comes with a flexible head that glides over the skin quite easily allowing a mild touch and never having to force it across the skin, while still obtaining a close shave. Panasonic ES-LA93-K has sonic vibrations that remove the debris to assure that is thoroughly cleaned when rinsing it off. Moreover, it uses a nanotechnology that maintains the sharpness of the blades which reduces skin irritation.

Another good option you may have is the Panasonic ES8243A. It can be used in and out of the shower, just like the ES-LA93-K. It comes with a much wider cutting blade which is especially important for men with sensitive skin as it spreads the pressure out over a larger area which reduces skin irritation. The blade is also designed to glide smoothly over the skin, which is another consideration to take into account. It guarantees that it can get as many hair as possible in just a single pass because of its arced foil design. As a result, you do not need to go over and over an area just to have a close shave; therefore, it lessens skin irritation. Also, it includes sonic vibrations that can remove all the debris.

The third option for men with sensitive skin is the Panasonic ES8103S. Like the other shavers, the Panasonic ES8103S can be used in the shower and features an arc foil design as well as a head that is created to move smoothly over the skin. Moreover, the shaver accelerates to 17,000 RPMs to shake off all of the debris while it is rinsed. This feature ensures that the shaver will be completely cleaned between each pass.

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