September 11, 2021

By Jessica Ackerman

Since the bathroom is frequently the smallest room in the home, many people look for ways to make it appear larger and more luxurious than it really is. In fact, even larger bathrooms can appear small and cramped, when decorated in a cluttered or inefficient fashion. If you’d like to make your bathroom seem larger, regardless of its current size, here are some tips you can use that will help.

Choosing the Right Colors

Since color has the ability to make rooms appear smaller or larger, it’s important to choose a shade of paint that will maximize the visual size of the bathroom. In most cases, choosing a soft or pale color scheme is the best strategy, especially if your bathroom is a bit on the small side. Neutral shades, pastels or even off-white shades can all be good choices. If you’re looking to add a feeling of peace and serenity to the bathroom, cool colors such as light blue, light green or light gray are good choices. If you’d like to add a bit of warmth to the bathroom, light yellow, light melon or warm taupe would work well. In addition to using light colors on the walls, choosing a light colored flooring material and light woodwork finishes can be helpful. Painting the ceiling white can also help make a small bathroom seem larger and brighter.


Add a Bit of Brightness

Since dark rooms usually appear smaller than those which are cheerful and well-lit, adding adequate lighting features to the bathroom is also an important consideration. Overhead lighting, sink or vanity lighting and wall sconces can all be used quite effectively in the bathroom. Having a variety of different lighting options in the bathroom can help ensure that you always have the proper level of light. Using mirrors in the bathroom can help to reflect available light, which will help to add a bit more brightness. Choosing light colored window treatments that won’t block all of the natural sunshine can also help. If you are lucky enough to have a large window or a skylight in the bathroom, find ways to maximize these light-producing features.

Keep it Simple

If you want to maximize the size of your bathroom, it’s important to find ways to reduce visual clutter. Too many accessories can make a small bathroom seem too “busy,” which can be detrimental to the overall perceived size of the room. For example, keeping knick knacks to a minimum and choosing just one piece of large wall art instead of many smaller pieces can help produce a streamlined look. Fewer decorating accessories can also make it easier to move around in the bathroom, which will make the room feel larger. If you wish to use wallpaper, try choosing a small pattern. Reducing visual obstructions can be helpful, such as replacing shower curtains or frosted glass shower enclosures with clear glass doors. Try to keep the floor area clear from clutter and obstructions, and use decorative baskets to keep toiletries and personal care products well organized.

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