April 17, 2021

Cosmetic Dentistry: Re-Contouring Teeth and Gums


Jhon Cena

The Perfect Smile Spa is one of the leading Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics in the London and Essex region. There are many procedures our Cosmetic Dentists can carry out to create the perfect smile . A gummy smile is not that uncommon and can be treated relatively simply by re-contouring. The most modern way to do this is by laser: And this is how the treatment is carried out at our Dental Clinic. This is because laser re-contouring helps for a speedy recovery and reduces bleeding. However, some Cosmetic Dentists continue to re-contour the gum-line with a scalpel.

There is another, similar procedure used within Cosmetic Dentistry and that is Teeth Re-Contouring . These two relatively un-invasive procedures are often carried out by our Cosmetic Dentists in a complimentary way to reshape and balance the patients smile: Usually as part of a treatment programme to improve the overall aesthetics of a smile Frequently referred to as a Smile Makeover .


Teeth Re-Contouring: Who Can It Help?

Teeth Re-Contouring can be used to reduce the length of teeth as well as correct minor problems such as chipped and over-lapping teeth as well as correct misshapen teeth. This is a painless treatment which does not usually demand an anaesthetic However, our Cosmetic Dentists are dedicated to helping nervous patients and so at our Dental Clinic everyone has a choice.

Teeth Re-Contouring is a fairly straight-forward Cosmetic Dentistry procedure. However, not every patient is able to undergo treatment. The tooth may be too thin; in which case re-contouring could damage the teeth beyond repair. In addition, Teeth Re-contouring is not a radical Cosmetic Dentistry treatment: It can only be used to correct minor imperfections and so restore harmony and balance to a smile.

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If the teeth are badly chipped alternative treatment may be preferable. Bonding and Re-contouring may be an option as well as Dental Veneers. Gum and Teeth Re-Contouring can often be carried out in one single visit to the Dental Clinic: Which means the results are virtually instant! If you live in the London – Essex area why not give Perfect Smile Spa a call. We are among the leading Cosmetic Dentistry Clinics in the region. Located in the Hornchurch High Street Essex we are easy to find and access is easy by road and rail. Our Dental Clinic is renowned for Smile Makeovers: Without question our Cosmetic Dentists will be able to help you achieve that Perfect Smile .

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