March 7, 2021

Cobra GPS Systems – Five Prominent Features



GPS stands for Global positioning Systems that uses satellites to pinpoint locations anywhere on the earth. There are many companies that manufacture GPS receivers but Cobra is one of the top companies in the world. Based in Chicago, USA, Cobra Electronics Corporation has carved a name for itself in the field of GPS, radars and two way radios for many years. Using the latest cutting edge technology and integrating it into GPS devices has made cobra global positioning the highest in the auto and marine industry. You have different products of Cobra GPS systems catering to everyone’s requirements and adhering to the highest quality standards.

Cobra offers a wide range of GPS tracking systems which caters to a wide variety of requirements. Here are some of their more popular models:

1.GPSM 5000 Portable Mobile navigation System.

2.GPSM 2100 Mobile navigation system


3.GPSM 3000 Mobile Navigation System

4.GPSM 4000 Mobile Navigation System

5.GPSM 4500 Portable Mobile Navigation system.

Before buying a cobra global positioning system with asap technology, think about how you are going to utilize its resources. In urban areas, Cobra offers live traffic reports and gives you a choice of detouring through other streets to avoid traffic snarls and blockades. With live voice transponders, you can even find your way easily in a new city as Cobra Nav One series comes equipped with maps for all of the USA and Canada.

The latest and the most advanced NAV ONE series has a price range of $250 to $650 with even the basic model featuring a LCD display screen, all city maps preloaded for the consumers ease and detailed route map with voice changes.

The Cobra range of

GPS systems

has unique large screen displays and voice touch screen facility for easy access. The 3D rendering of city roads and maps of your city or any city in USA and Canada seems familiar with voice prompts and navigational features. As soon as you add destination, the voice prompts help you reach the place faster, as you are foretold of traffic by Cobra’s global positioning system. No need to look around and ask for directions any more!

With three languages, French, Spanish and English you can choose the one you understand. It works well in the temperature ranges of -4 degree F to 140 degree F so you can go in the desert or maybe even to Alaska, and still find your way around. Cobra GPS systems are ideally suited for urban city driving, boat and fishing navigation, as a hiking accessory and even if you just want to go away from the crowd, to a holiday destination in the mountains. The Cobra

GPS system

includes an odometer, speedometer, trip timer and ‘Real Time Traffic feature’ of information in real time about traffic to avoid accidents and congested roads.

There are additional features such as ‘Million Points of Interest’ which shows banks, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, motels and civic facilities available on the designated maps. Life becomes easy for you when you buy a cobra global positioning system for your navigational activities because it helps you save time, insures safety and allows you to enjoy traveling.

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