July 24, 2023

By Jeff McRitchie

*The Akiles DuoMac C41 is the only binding machine available on the market that is capable of binding documents with both plastic combs and 4:1 pitch spiral coil.

*This makes it ideal for organizations that need to do more than one type of binding or who want one look for their internal communication and another look for their customer presentations and proposals.

*The DuoMac-C41 includes all of the features of two complete binding machines in one convenient package can even be shared between two departments with different presentation needs.

Strengths / Features:

*This is the only desktop binding machine that can bind documents with both Plastic Combs and 4:1 pitch spiral coil. It includes two different punching slots. One produces the rectangular holes used for 19 ring plastic comb binding. The other produces a pattern with four round holes per inch. It also includes a plastic comb opener for finishing documents with plastic combs and a wire closer for use with Spiral-O wire combs.

*This machine can bind documents with four different binding styles: GBC Style Plastic Binding Combs, Spiral-O Wire 19 Loop Wire-Combs, 4:1 Pitch Spiral Coil and GBC Zipbind.


*The DuoMac C41 offers the ability to bind both small and large sized documents. Each punching throat has its own depth of punch margin control allowing you to control the distance of the holes from the edge of the document. This will allow you to bind documents with spines as small as 3/16″ and as large as 2″ in diameter.

*The DuoMac C41 offers fully disengageable dies and a legal width punching throat for plastic comb binding. This allows users to bind any length of document up to fourteen inches with plastic combs. The 4:1 pitch coil punching throat is thirteen inches in length and has five strategically placed disengageable pins that allow it to be used with the most common sizes of documents. Both punches are open ended and can be used for punching longer documents.

*This is an extremely durable binding machine that is made from heavy duty metal components. The DuoMac C41 system is built with the same quality as the other machines in the Akiles line of binding equipment and comes with a one year warranty for both parts and labor.

Weaknesses / Limitations:

*Although Akiles was able to include a huge variety of features on this machine, there was only room for so many things. The one major component that this machine is missing is a spiral coil inserter for use with the 4:1 pitch punch. Akiles recommends purchasing a Roll-@-Coil inserter along with this machine in order to increase productivity in binding documents with coil.

*With so many features and components on one machine, the DuoMac begins to look a little bit like an octopus. This machine has four handles, one wheel and a number of different knobs. It is a fairly large machine and can be a little bit confusing to operate, especially for inexperienced users.

*Although the Duomac C41 is a heavy duty binding machine, it is no match for a modular electric binding punch. This machine is designed for organizations that need to bind a maximum of fifty to a hundred documents per week. Organizations that need to bind more documents than this should really consider a machine with an electric punch.


*The Akiles DuoMac C41 is an ideal choice for organizations that are looking to bind documents with both plastic combs and 4:1 pitch spiral coil.

*The construction of this machine is excellent and it offers a level of flexibility and versatility that is simply not available from other binding systems.

*In order to get the most out of the DuoMac-C41, it should really be combined with a spiral coil inserter such as the Akiles Roll @ Coil.

However, even when combined with a coil inserter, high volume users should consider a modular binding punch instead of this system.

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