April 11, 2023

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A Great Business in Concrete Block Machine Products


Angela Z

Making concrete brick machine is a really well founded business. Concrete blocks are very widely used to build a wide variety of projects. They are definitely a primary commodity of the building trades. They will always be in strong demand since they are so versatile.


A part time cement block business can be started from your garage by making concrete blocks using just easily made hand molds. Plans with instructions for making these molds are readily available. You can make the hand molds from plywood and sheet metal. You then just fill them with the correct concrete mixture. The blocks are then removed from the molds and let dry before delivery to customers. One person working alone can easily make 100 concrete blocks in a good days work. Many building supply stores are on the lookout for a local supplier who can sell concrete products to them at a good price. Since a local supplier has no transportation costs a very good profit can be possible while still keeping prices very competitive. After a time, as the business grows, the demand for your blocks will probably exceed what you can turn out using only hand molds. You will now have to decide whether to make your part time business a full time enterprise. You will need to make concrete blocks in large quantity. To do this successfully you will require a concrete block making machine. Several manufacturers make cement block machine. Many of them are overseas however and the machines are relatively costly. If you feel that can afford the purchase go right ahead and buy your machine. They perform very well and will repay their high price with a large increase in production. However there is another way to go–for much less money you can easily make your own concrete block making machine. Building a machine is a relatively easy project. Plans, complete with instructions, are available and you can build a machine with which you can turn out 800 concrete blocks in a working day. The machine is constructed from new or used auto parts, sheet metal and a few bits and pieces. Its cost is only a fraction of the price of a commercial machine and it will perform every bit as well. You may also want to build a smaller size, hand operated, machine which can make 200 blocks per day and is really simple to build and work with. You can then manufacture any required quantity of low cost concrete blocks. This enables the acceptance of large orders which you could not fill quickly using only hand molds. There is an excellent and growing demand for these types of product and they are highly profitable to manufacture. Your part time concrete business, which started out very small, has now become a very profitable full time enterprise which will produce a far better living than most jobs can. When you are a concrete brick machine manufacturer it is a obviously an excellent idea to also make other concrete items. You can make birdbaths, sundials, garden ornaments, concrete garden furniture, window boxes, patio slabs, really big vases and urns for the garden.

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